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The Boss

The Boss midnight moon

Exclusively through Rattlestick and our partner Qiviuk Boutique, Chateau Lake Louise, this stunning razor contains fragments of Muskox horn, pieces of the translucent Boss and inside bone. Inlaid with freshwater pearl, this sleek razor fits perfectly in your hands for a smooth, comfortable shave.
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Redefining Ritual

This comfortable Gillette 5 blade razor will support muscle memory in your shaving ritual.  The bonus of added beauty to functionality will complete your bathroom ensemble.  Start your wet shaving experience by pairing this razor with a ritual forming brush.

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The Boss

There is an old legend of a spiritual gift provided to the people of the North. A story of how song was given a voice through the mighty muskox. A song of a beautiful land and the night sky filled with colours. Over 90,000 years ago muskoxen brought their song across the Bering Straight to call Northern Canada their home. Fiercely protective, if attacked by wolves, muskoxen will seek high ground and line up facing the attackers. Muskox symbolize strength, family, and the protection your tribe.


Muskox horn/inside bone, midnight blue resin, inlaid freshwater pearl