The anatomy of primal

Each piece is crafted by hand in our Canadian studio, prioritizing local and ethically sourced materials. Each razor and brush is completely unique, and no two are the same.

Box elder burl Merkur double-edge razor


The first of five limited edition sets, in collaboration with renowned Haida artist Keith Kerrigan.


Designed and turned by Rattlestick.

The Grizzly Bear

Sterling Silver rings designed and hand-engraved by Keith Kerrigan. (


Exceptional quality brush with a 24mm knot.

Box elder burl Merkur double-edge razor

Merkur double edge safety razor

High-quality German steel, this hardware is solid and built to last generations.


We shape every piece of this box elder burl, finding it's natural lines, and bringing out the spirit of the wood.


The inclusions created from the burl are filled with crushed freshwater pearl, creating a pattern unique to each piece.


This razor is an heirloom. We’ve built it so you can pass it on from generation to generation.

Box elder burl Merkur double-edge razor

Northern Alberta Caribou

This fragment of caribou, with it’s distinct black and white pattern, tells of the journey that shapes our lives.

Premium silvertip badger hair

Designed for comfort, great looks and superior lather.

Handmade in Canada

Bartered and traded, each caribou artifact has a unique story.

A Premium Shave

Built to maximize performance for the perfect shave. Stay tuned for resources to get the most out of your brush & razor.

Box elder burl Merkur double-edge razor

Carrying History

Something old laid bare and made new again.

Semi precious stones

Created from the remnants of vintage watches, using garnets, rubies, wheels, centerposts, and gears.


High-quality German steel. The slant razor provides that extra close shave for the sensitive barbarian.

Master Crafted

The quality of craftsmanship makes every piece one of a kind with quality to last a lifetime and beyond.

Box elder burl Merkur double-edge razor

A Wild Canvas

Rattlestick honours our wild brethren - those living in the wild that fight and survive, that are independent and free.

Premium Silvertip Badger Hair

Hand hammered, natural patina copper collar surrounding a 22mm knot.

Locally and Ethically Sourced

Established relationships with our local suppliers bring us not only the raw material but the stories behind them.

Modern Heirloom

Every piece we create is unique, as is each animal's story. Pass it on.

Ritual Redefined - a new kind of razor

Ritual Redefined

Rattlestick is more than a razor. Rattlestick is a declaration. It’s a call to forge connection with our grandfathers and their grandfathers, to the un-tamed wilderness in our blood, and to the passion that drives us all forward. Find your Match

Raw Meets Refined aftershave beard tonic

Raw Meets Refined.

Shaving Accesories for the Untamed Gentlemen.

Natural and ethically sourced ingredients designed to make you feel and look your best.

Aftershave Tonic


$60.00 CAD


Rattlestick is accepting orders for both our Foundation Series of razors and brushes, as well as custom orders in a variety of materials, including warthog, mammoth tusk and others. Inquire about our shaving soaps, aftershave tonics and beard balms.

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