Transcender Amethyst Double Edge Slant Razor



Amethyst Double Edge Slant Razor

Deeply gnarled verte burled box alder has been combined with jagged and crushed pieces of Amethyst crystals to shape this perfectly engineered shaving tool. Well balanced and solid in your hand, this razor is as close to a straight edge as you can get.

Redefining Ritual

Double edge safety razors use old-school razor blades, ensuring a closer shave then is typically possible with a disposable razor head. There is a ledge on the razor head that touches your face, and the closeness of the razor is determined by the angle of your hand / the handle. This type of razor require a bit of initial learning and care, but becomes second-nature quickly. This is not a razor you want to quickly run over your face as you run out the door. This is a razor best paired with ritual - heating your brush, creating a strong lather, and mindfully guiding the blade over the contours of your face.

Our Transcender series of and razors pair perfectly with our raw shaving soaps.

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Jagged edges, raw, uncut, and uncensored beauty radiating an inner brilliance. Forged by nature in an ordered internal structure - purposeful if you will. The final form, whether a single mineral or an aggregate represents symmetry, balance, and the willingness to be transformed. Mineral reminds us to never forget our raw beginnings.


Ramsay box elder burl, stainless steel hardware, German-made Merkur stainless steel double edge slant safety razor, amethyst

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