Maintain Your Ritual

You have to go back a long ways to find this kind of drama 1918 to be exact.  Back to the times of the Spanish Flu.  Lots of correlation between then and now are going on in the form of charts, graphs, time lines and when can we.....a) get back to normal, b) go back to work, c) be with our families.  Our comparison lies in ritual.  These days of isolation, lack of family and friends and generally longing for some normality can be hard on a body.  That's why we think it is important to maintain your everyday rituals....and probably add a few more for your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

Start your day

Not everyone is working from home these days, but for those that are, your routines may be skewed.  This is the perfect time to get back to the rituals and maybe add a few more.  Routines and ritual help you with normalizing your life in these days of isolation.  

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Your morning shave is one ritual you should be maintaining and is also the perfect time to learn how to wet shave if you have not discovered this wonderful method of shaving.  Check out our blog on the The Lost Art of Wet Shaving here:

Add Meditation to your daily routine

If you're not already meditating, add this to your regime.  If you already meditate, consider adding another session.  Morning and night are the perfect times to meditate.  Benefits inlude:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-Awareness
  • Lengthens Attention Span
  • Can Generate Kindness

Include a moment of gratitude.  Feel grateful for things that you do have, all the small things add up to wonderful benefits.

Stay active

Get out for that walk - at the current social appropriate distance

These days are all about social distancing and being apart while staying emotionally connected.  Can you get out for that early morning walk down by the River, around the lake in your community or a morning yoga class via zoom.  Work your body while you rest your mind.  Breath.  Breath some more.

Soon, in our area, we will actually be able to get outside in bare feet, literally ground ourselves back to the here and now.  April 2020 in the Foothills of Alberta has not been kind.  But just as winter was coming, so is spring.  

Self care is a real thing!

Start with yourself!  If there is no self care, there will be no care for others.  Take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place.  You will find more time for your family and time to dream of physical closeness with friends and extended family.  We are all longing for those days and they will come.  Be strong, stay engaged with your untamed heart.  

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For now take good care, stay well, stay safe.

We will see you on the other side of these crazy times!

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