It's the small rituals in life that make each day enjoyable. Starting the day sipping coffee made from the finest beans or slowly turning the pages of your morning newspaper. It's that same feeling you get with an old-fashioned wet shave.

There’s a reason people hold onto the classics. They’re timeless and genuine. They’re filled with intention and process. A wet shave takes your shave back-to-basics giving you better-looking skin and the closest shave possible.

Rattlestick is on a mission to reinvigorate the tradition of wet shaving and that's why we've prepared a step-by-step guide on how to get that clean, classic shave with a sleek finish. It might appear daunting, but with a little practice, - can add an exceptional shave to your morning routine.

Step 1 - The preshave

In life, preparation is everything. That same principle applies to a good wet shave. The pre-shave step is a crucial step in reaching the ultimate close shave. 

Start by prepping your skin with some warm water. A warm shower will do the work for you, leaving your facial hair clean and ready. If you aren’t shaving after your shower you can apply a warm towel to your face to soften your whiskers and hydrate your skin.

Next, you create a rich lather with your shaving cream or balm. Choosing the right brush is an essential piece of this process – so choose wisely. A high-quality brush will last years if you take care of it properly, so always rinse it out and tap off excess water before you let it dry. 

Start by soaking your shaving brush in warm water to prep. Like your facial hair, warm water will soften the natural fibers and make it easier to work with.

Quality shaving soaps are a great option for creating a thick lather with your brush. Slowly add water to your shaving soap and mix it with your brush until you create a consistency similar to whipped cream. What’s more, their paste-like consistency allows you to bring it with you on your carry-on without adding to your liquid maximum.

With your tools and soap in front of you, you’re now prepped and ready to get to shaving.

Choose your soap and brush

Step 2 - Shave

When choosing a razor, it really comes down to your personal preference. You can pick 1, 3 or even a 5-blade razor!

If you’re just starting out with a wet shave routine, the safest option is to start with a 3 or 5-blade razor. This means the pressure you apply to the razor is spread more evenly across all blades so that there is less chance of being nicked. These blades also come with guards on the side for extra protection. The downside is that it is more difficult to get a close shave, as the blades are intentionally not as close to the skin. As well, running multiple blades over the skin can cause irritation. If you know your morning ritual is rushed, this could be a great option. 

Double-edged safety razors allow for a closer shave, but take a bit more practice and mindfulness. To use these razors, you rest the metal guide on your face, and angle the razor up until the blade makes contact with your skin. You don't need to press down hard, the angle of the razor is what does the cutting. Alternate sides of the razor as you shave and rinse in-between.

As you make wet shaving a more frequent routine, you may find you want to lower your blade count. Most of the time, less really is more.

Once you have your razor ready, it’s time to shave. 

Your first instinct may be to go against the grain – but for beginners, it is best to follow the grain first and then lather up again before shaving against it a second time. 

Try to mentally map out your face as you are shaving because the grain can change depending on the area of your face. This “mapping” will minimizes razor burn and irritation. 

If your skin is less sensitive and you’re more experienced at wet shaving, you can re-lather and go for a third pass against the grain for an even smoother shave. Always remember to let the weight of the razor and the blade do the work for you.

Choose your razor


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Step 3 - Post shave

You’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to end the ritual. Splash some cool water on your face to close your pores (and help wake you up)!      

S oothe your skin with an after-shave product that is right for you. Is your skin extra sensitive? Then you will definitely want to make sure you avoid products containing alcohol. As well, most gels and foams contain chemicals that can dry out and irritate your skin.

If you have a mustache or goatee, consider a beard balm that reflects your style. It is the ultimate finishing touch to a successful wet shave.

Want to learn more about the art of wet shaving?

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