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Manzanita from the West Coast is the perfect match for this one-of-a-kind hand carved sterling silver Haida Gwaii shaving tool set. Rattlestick worked with Keith Kerrigan, Haida artist, for this timeless and stunning shaving set. The aesthetics of this shaving set is surpassed only by the weight and feel of these unique pieces.
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The beginning of a legacy

Manzanita Wood from the West Coast of Canada, sterling silver accent pieces hand engraved by Haida Artist Keith Kerrigan. 24mm High Mountain White Badger Hair knot fully compliments this exquisite brush.  The double edge razor (Edwin Jagger) is as comfortable to hold as it is beautiful to gaze upon. This shave set comes with a single brush and single razor stand, wax canvass wrap for travelling, raw shaving soap and is packaged in a Canadian Black Walnut with antler splines and handle gift box.  Gift box hand made by Rattlestick.

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Adversity can destroy but it can also create. Like the pearl that forms from a grain of sand inside the shell of an oyster, a tree creates burls to protect itself from an irritant. Instead of growing in concentric circles, the grain of wood twists and curves finding a new way to be in the face of a problem. Burled wood symbolizes forging a new path in the face of adversity.


Manzanita Wood, hand engraved Sterling Silver by Haida artist Keith Kerrigan

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British GQ Made in Alberta Awards 2019 Made in Alberta Awards 2019