raw Slick natural-based shaving cream

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Slick natural-based shaving cream

A smooth gliding shaving cream made with natural ingredients. This shaving cream won't dry out your skin like most store-bought gels and foams. This cream is ideal with one of our Badger Brushes or works on its own if you don't yet have a shaving brush.

High quality shaving cream that moisturizes without harsh chemicals.

Typical commercial shaving gels are made with an industrial mind-set, pumping out as much product as cheaply as possible, and go heavy on the marketing. Rattlestick's natural shaving creams are different. Made from hand, we've selected natural ingredients that actually hydrate your skin (such as shea butter and aloe). Combined with kaolin clay to help glide your razor over your skin, you've got the ingredients for a perfect shave. 

Many people opt for our beer-based shaving soap, but you may prefer the ease of a shaving cream. This cream lathers very well with a shaving brush, but can also be used without one. Simply apply the cream to your face, lather, and shave. Combine with a gentle aftershave tonic for best results.

About the Scent

Will awaken your wild senses. The sharp crisp top notes of grapefruit and lime combine to uplift your spirit, while grounding base notes keep you connected to the here and now.


Coconut oil, aloe gel, shea butter, castille soap, Kaolin clay, baking soda, vitamin E, sodium benzoate, essential oil blend. 


3 oz