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The Majestic Caribou .....What more needs to be said? This compact razor is perfect for travel or every day use. Toss it in your back pack, and like the you go on your own adventure.
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Redefining Ritual

This comfortable Gillette 5 blade razor will support muscle memory in your shaving ritual.  The bonus of added beauty to functionality will complete your bathroom ensemble.  Start your wet shaving experience by pairing this razor with a ritual forming brush.

Our Traveller series of brushes and razors pair perfectly with our untamed shaving soaps, shaving creams and aftershave tonics.

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We carry our story with us wherever we go, but we also find new ways to understand it. These fragments of caribou antler have carried their story thousands of miles across the Northern woodlands of Alberta, travelling farther than any other land mammal. In the spring if you were to grasp a caribou by the antler, it would be warm, velvet covered and waxy. It is bone growing outside its body. Worn by both the male and female caribou, they shed and regrow their antlers each season. Caribou antlers are a symbol of the journey and its ability to reshape us.


Southern Alberta Caribou, Stainless Steel Components

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