Rebel Bi Colored Rebel Rebel Wet Shaving Brush

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Bi Colored Rebel Rebel Wet Shaving Brush

Scarred and patinaed antique Hamilton watch face and parts forged into a thick masculine wet shaving brush. Set in bi-colored acrylic and polished to a high sheen, this brush is truly one of a kind.

The Anatomy of Primal

Badger hair provides a luxurious shave, holding water and heat much better than synthetic brushes. High mountain white badger hair is top of the line with excellent backbone, perfect for those with sensitive skin, providing excellent beard preparation. Using a brush lifts the hairs on your face for a closer shave, so you may notice less irritation. Best combined with naturally-derived solid shaving soaps or shaving creams, avoiding synthetic foams and gels for the highest quality shave.

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Like the world we inhabit we are both light and dark, good and bad, young and old. Steam- punk is a visual expression of this truth. It is created using wheels, centerposts, and gears from antique watches. It is something old laid bare and made new again, symbolizing the dichotomy of our existence.


Antique Bulova watch face, antique watch parts, rubies, garnets, 24mm HMW badger hair knot

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British GQ Made in Alberta Awards 2019 Made in Alberta Awards 2019