Creator Elk Antler Wet Shaving Brush



Elk Antler Wet Shaving Brush

Created with 20.5mm silver tip badger hair knot, and elk antler from Western Canada. This brush is weighty and significant, capturing and embodying the creative drive of those who wield it.

The Anatomy of Primal

Badger hair provides a luxurious shave, holding water and heat much better than synthetic brushes. Silver tip badger hair is very soft with good backbone, perfect for those with sensitive skin, providing excellent beard preparation. Using a brush lifts the hairs on your face for a closer shave, so you may notice less irritation. Best combined with naturally-derived solid shaving soaps or shaving creams, avoiding synthetic foams and gels for the highest quality shave.

Our favourite combination with the creator wet shaving brush is the primal shaving soap, finishing with the primal aftershave tonic.

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The world flows through all of us, both soulful and haunting like the call of the elk.As dusk approaches, and the cry expands across the plains of summer it is both beautiful and hideous; a mix of something so animal, and yet otherworldly.The male elk makes this call in mating season after which he sheds those long branches of bone in preparation for another year. Bull elk antler is a symbol of the creative force which moves through us all.


Elk antler salvaged or bartered from the plains of Western Canada, 20.5mm silvertip badger hair bristles

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British GQ Made in Alberta Awards 2019 Made in Alberta Awards 2019