Ancient Soul Mammoth Tusk Blue Window

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Ancient Soul

Mammoth Tusk Blue Window

The tusk of a Siberian mammoth who roamed the north over 40,000 years ago is suspended in resin, and paired with a 24mm high mountain white badger hair brush. This solid, ragged chunk of mammoth has been set in a sky blue resin and turned for a perfectly balanced shave. The tell-tale signs of ancient ivory are seen in the mocha color running through this exquisite piece.
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The Anatomy of Primal

Badger hair provides a luxurious shave, holding water and heat much better than synthetic brushes. High mountain white badger hair is top of the line with excellent backbone, perfect for those with sensitive skin, providing excellent beard preparation. Using a brush lifts the hairs on your face for a closer shave, so you may notice less irritation. Best combined with naturally-derived solid shaving soaps or shaving creams, avoiding synthetic foams and gels for the highest quality shave.

This premium brush combines very well with Rattlesticks premium shaving soap.

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Ancient Soul

40,000 years ago, great sheets of ice covered the plains and mountains of the American continent, where frigid temperatures brought everlasting winter. In these harsh conditions, a giant roamed, at once majestic and terrible. The wooly mammoth captured our imaginations, and is memorialized in the cave paintings of a more primal time. This ancient fossilized ivory, once buried under the arctic permafrost, is smooth and silk-like, with nicks and crevices traveling along the curve of each tusk. Mammoth tusk connects us with the furthest reaches of our human family.


Authentic Mammoth Tusk pieces, blue acrylic resin, high mountain white badger hair bristles.

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British GQ Made in Alberta Awards 2019 Made in Alberta Awards 2019