Transcender Apatite Touch Stone 24mm Brush



Apatite Touch Stone 24mm Brush

Apatite crystal set in burled Box Alder, will transcend your morning shave. Set purposefully in the brush handle, your fingers will gravitate towards the touch stone piece. Engineered and turned specifically for a comfortable feel. Apatite crystals were curated from Wilborforce, Ontario

The Anatomy of Primal

Transcend your shaving ritual.  The Mineral Series  demand your attention, your focus, on your terms, your energy.  This is the beginning of your time, your heritage, your culture.  It's the rituals in life that make each day enjoyable. Starting your day sipping on coffee made from the finest beans and turning the pages of your morning newspaper. Indulge your senses, tap into your untamed inner wild.

Mineral Series set comes with a 24mm HMW brush, Rattlestick knots are of the highest quality and the handles turned for comfort and weight.

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Jagged edges, raw, uncut, and uncensored beauty radiating an inner brilliance. Forged by nature in an ordered internal structure - purposeful if you will. The final form, whether a single mineral or an aggregate represents symmetry, balance, and the willingness to be transformed. Mineral reminds us to never forget our raw beginnings.


Box Alder, Apatite pieces, resin, 24mm HMW Badger Hair knot

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British GQ Made in Alberta Awards 2019 Made in Alberta Awards 2019