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Who doesn’t love all natural soaps, lotions and balms?  They leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated.  Hat’s off to all those who have made the decision to look after their skin and the environment, all at the same time.  Rattlestick’s mission is to reinvigorate the lost art of wet shaving and a back-to-basics philosophy of simple and natural. If you are new to wet shaving, check out our blog: “The Art of Wet Shaving:  How to wet shave with Rattlestick”  and stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

To the crux of the matter

Athabasca River, Alberta
Athabasca River, Northern Alberta. Rattlestick is committed to a small environmental footprint, at home and as much as we can in the world

Why did Rattlestick decide to go palm free?  While researching ingredients for our various skin care products, we came across many articles regarding palm oil, the growing industry and it's effects on the environment.  Palm oil has been linked with the destruction of the world's precious rainforests. Development of new oil palm plantations, coupled with smallholders expanding their farms to meet the rising demand for palm oil, has resulted in significant deforestation.  The removal of acres of rainforest threatens the rich biodiversity in these finely balanced ecosystems, along with the habitat of species such as the orangutan.

Rattlestick is committed to using all natural, sustainable ingredients, including natural preservatives.  Rattlestick's apothecary line is the perfect blend of all natural, with a long lasting shelf life. 

What is palm oil?

In layman's terms, it is the most popular vegetable oil produced and consumed in the world.   It is used in the food industry, as a bio-fuel, and in many products including soaps, creams and lotions. Why? It is inexpensive to purchase and when used in soaps and creams, it is able to create a good lather.  So yes, it lathers like crazy. But, as Rattlestick has said all along, you don’t need a ton of lather to get that perfect, comfortable and close shave.  Lather does a few things, including aiding the razor to glide across your skin.  It also helps prop up the beard in preparation for a close shave when used with a shaving brush. Rattlestick went on a quest to find other all natural, sustainable ingredients that would help their product lather.  Indeed, Rattlestick was able to source out other ingredients that lent themselves to a robust, thick and creamy lather.  One simple and easy ingredient is sugar. Naturally occurring or added.  Rattlestick Beer Shaving Soap’s lather comes from the naturally occurring sugar found in beer.  When collaborating with our partner micro brewery's we look for a beer that would have a reasonable amount of sugar, knowing it will add to the beautiful, creamy lather that comes from our other natural ingredients.

Not all lather comes from Palm oil
Not all great lather comes from palm oil. Survivor series shaving brush, Cabin's Retrospectrum Beer Shaving Soap


Rattlestick continues its commitment to the environment and exploring all that that statement means.

It is complicated and sometimes controversial, but for Rattlestick this was an adventure in looking closely at ingredient lists, and then making a conscious decision. In the meantime, Rattlestick has developed a robust line of premium, luxury skin care products that do not contain palm oil.  

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